Application Development

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Application Development

Build secure, high-performing cloud native applications that scale with your business

Application Development that starts with business strategy

From developing new applications to modernizing existing workloads, we architect secure, compliant cloud native solutions that leverage the innovation of the AWS Cloud.

Using a process that prioritizes a deep understanding of your challenges, goals, and user requirements, we develop applications from a strategic mindset to align resources to your business objectives.

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Application Modernization

Migrating and modernizing your legacy applications and systems allows you to take full advantage of cloud’s native services. With years of experience helping public sector and commercial customers modernize workloads, our team supports digital transformation for:

  • Existing applications
  • Database Transformation
  • Disaster Recovery Processes
  • Automation, DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code
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Deep Development Experience

As AWS certified developers, we are hands-on keyboard experts with experience across diverse technology stacks, programming languages, industries, and use cases

Cloud Native Expertise

  • SaaS, Mobile, and IoT
  • ​Greenfield applications​
  • Application modernization
  • ​DevOps​ and CI/CD
  • Containers & Serverless


  • Automation
  • Data & Analytics
  • AI/ML
  • UI/UX Design
  • API development​

Top programming languages:

  • Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, TypeScript


  • Django, Spring, React, Angular, .NET
    MVC, .NET Core, Code Igniter, Laravel
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Data Driven Execution

Data and analytics transform your information into valuable business intelligence for predicting, adapting, and responding to change and new opportunities. We architect applications with today’s most advanced data science tools and services so you can capture critical insights for better decision-making.

Our Approach

Our advanced application development engagements integrate design thinking, DevOps practices, agile development, and Well-Architected principles – supported by data-driven insights and business intelligence.

Agile Development

Our Agile development approach ensures continuous feedback and improvement as well as visibility, flexibility, and adaptability throughout your software life cycle. This process reduces risk and removes redundancies while delivering higher quality code, enhanced predictability, and accelerated deployment.


We apply DevOps automation and CI/CD practices to ensure secure code development, automated testing, deployment, monitoring, and integration. We also use Infrastructure as Code to speed up cloud provisioning and application deployment in AWS EC2, Container, or Serverless environments.

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We build well-architected applications supported by the secure, reliable, cost-effective infrastructure of the AWS Cloud. For existing app modernization, we apply the Well-Architected Framework to review problem areas, with specific recommendations and action items for remediation

Access to AWS Funding

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with multiple competencies and service delivery designations, we have access to funding programs that support greenfield and modernization initiatives to accelerate innovation.

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