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Increase agility and lower costs without servers


We use AWS Lambda to build serverless applications and backends with continuous scalability and cost flexibility. This managed AWS service responds to public or private triggers, running code in parallel and individually processing events to scale to your exact workload needs. You pay only when your code is running, keeping software development costs low even as you test and add functionality to your product. Lambda’s serverless architecture also allows you to implement a microservices approach, eliminating the need to manage servers and reducing the administrative burden of code monitoring and logging.

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With services such as Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and Amazon CloudWatch, we design and develop scalable, cost-efficient applications capable of processing data generated by thousands of connected devices. Manage your fleet of IoT devices using Lambda functions to record sensor data, track errors, and scale as your devices grow.

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Services We Offer

We deploy the AWS serverless platform to deliver reliable, secure, scalable solutions for fast, efficient delivery at reasonable costs. For companies of any size, this provides powerful microservice architectures for rapid agile development and improved security.

Easy Maintainability

Run code automatically without having to manage servers

Real Time Processing

Process real time data streams after uploads

Continuous Scaling

Scale applications automatically to precise workloads

Faster Agile Development

Add new functionality without worrying about scaling architecture

Pay Per Use Billing

Only get charged while your code is running

Improved Security

Provide security and separation at the infrastructure and execution levels

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Faster processing with less risk

A recent client was impacted by slow processing times and lack of reliability when handling large bursts of traffic. We implemented Lambda’s serverless architecture to process over 15,000 records simultaneously, reducing the company’s total processing time from 4 hours to 20 seconds and eliminating the risk of server failure.