Data and Analytics

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Data & Analytics

Unlock the power of data to deliver valuable business intelligence

Empower your organization with innovative, actionable data and analytics solutions

Data and analytics are key to modernization, accelerating your ability to predict, adapt, and respond to unforeseen challenges and new opportunities. We solve business problems by transforming disparate datasets into valuable assets that deliver a competitive advantage, higher productivity, and informed stakeholders.

Data Strategy

Realize the value of a modern data strategy integrated across your organization

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Data Science

Capture valuable insights with real-time data, AI/ML innovation, and data science

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Data Governance & Compliance

Develop data governance policies for meeting strict compliance standards

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Data Management

Secure, monitor, and manage the quality of your data

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Data Strategy: Bridge the gap between business and technology

As data experts, we help you develop a comprehensive data strategy that builds a modern data foundation for business intelligence and predictive analytics by:

  • Understanding your unique goals and challenges
  • Assessing current data structures, origins, and locations
  • Identifying KPIs and metrics
  • Defining a strategy aligned with your desired tech stack
  • Ensuring long-term success through training and documentation

Data Science: Translating information into ROI and data-driven insights

Our data scientists and Modernization EngineersTM leverage AI-enabled, predictive analytics and adaptive machine learning technologies to build scalable data solutions for faster, future-focused decisions. When connected to your organizational goals, data science tools can help you quickly analyze and visualize complex data sets resulting in:

  • Improved sales and marketing efforts
  • Insights for data-driven decisions
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Centralized data and a single source of truth
  • Improved financial reporting and analysis
  • Optimized operations

451 Business Impact Brief:
Unlocking Cloud-based Data & Analytics with Professional Services

Your success in the digital economy is based on data-driven decision-making and improvements in data culture – a fact that is accelerating the shift of analytics and business intelligence functions to public cloud. Learn how professional services can support these transitions with an assessment of current data sources  and unique solutions for your individual circumstances.

Data Governance: Driving compliance with documented definitions, roles, and security

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Mastering data governance requires a top-down approach that involves all functional areas of your organization. This coordination ensures governance activity connects organizational priorities to stakeholder value, with metrics for measuring against industry compliance standards.

Our in-depth expertise spans both private and public sector compliance, including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and FISMA.

Data Management: Empower intelligence from the volume, velocity, & variety of your data

We architect solutions that are secure and scalable to provide access to real-time analytics – breaking through data silos to answer the complex questions facing your business.

Advanced machine learning

Access highly-accurate, predictive forecasting with AI/ML tools and solutions

Comprehensive and open

Leverage a deep portfolio of AWS Cloud analytics tools that support standard, open file formats

Data lakes and analytics

Enable advanced query capabilities, apply use cases, and access Snowflake and AWS Cloud services

Durable and cost-effective

Use auto-scaling, saving plans, and integration with AWS EC2 Spot instances to reduce compute usage costs

End-to-End Modernization Solutions for Complex Business Challenges