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Cloud-based tools to support modern data practices and data-driven business insights

Strategic Partnership with Databricks for Data Pipeline and Lakehouse Migrations, Machine Learning Operations, and Automation

Effectual partnered with Databricks to help customers integrate, validate, and visualize their data. From Databricks Lakehouse implementations to data migrations, Effectual helps customers adopt Databricks to modernize their data practice and enable massive-scale data engineering, machine learning, and business analytics.


Effectual is your ideal partner to help solve complex business challenges. Our team has helped customers execute large-scale migrations, transform their data processes, and draw value and actionable insights from their data.

Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator

Effectual’s Databricks Lakehouse Accelerator offers repeatable push-button solutions that include architecture, tooling, security, and governance, enabling fast implementation and quick testing of use cases through POCs.

Database Modernization

Effectual can assess on-premises databases, including Oracle and Teradata data warehouses, to create and execute modernization plans based on the customer’s business requirements, data models, stored procedures, ETL scripts, and enterprise technology dependencies.

Machine Learning (ML) Operations Framework

Enterprise ML operations can sometimes lead to conflicting sets of ML toolchains as in-house data scientists adopt their preferred tools. Effectual can mitigate the drive to adopt disparate tools by implementing native Databricks capabilities, such as Feature Store, MLflow, and other native tooling designed to enhance the productivity and collaborative data science teams.

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Accelerating Business Outcomes with Effectual and Databricks

Data Pipeline Migration Blueprints

Templated infrastructure blueprints for data pipeline migrations allow rapid provisioning of production-ready pipelines.

Automated Data Validation Using IaC

Highly automated data quality and validation frameworks leveraging pre-built IaC modules  accelerate pipeline creation and migration.

Engineering Retention & Efficiency

Utilizing standard, repeatable blueprint deployments can save an estimated 76 hours in building data pipelines.


Strategic Partner for Innovative Data Solutions

From migration to implementation to optimization – Effectual accelerates data-driven business outcomes

Cloud Strategy and Design

Data Strategy

Effectively adopting a cutting-edge tool like Databricks requires expert understanding of data science and the cloud ecosystem. Effectual works with customers to develop adoption strategies aligned with the organization’s operational needs and help reduce time to ROI.

Effectual Cloud Strategy & Design Services
Cloud Migration and Modernization Services

Data Migrations

On-premises databases can limit a customer’s agility and innovation. Partnering with Effectual to migrate legacy data to a Databricks Lakehouse will allow customers to maximize their use of Databricks and their full suite of cloud-based tools.

Effectual Migration Services
Data and Analytics Services

Modern Data Practices

Databricks offers a comprehensive set of data capabilities to help customers mature their data practices, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Effectual can implement data pipeline migration blueprints leveraging IaC to save time and resources required to provision production-ready pipelines.

Effectual Data and Analytics Services

Modern Cloud Management

Effectual managed cloud services can ease the burden of day to day cloud management, offsetting the cost of in-house IT operations. Modern Cloud Management (MCM) customers also benefit from ongoing  optimization of their cloud usage and data pipelines, making it easier for them to focus on their core business.

Effectual Modern Cloud Management

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