Education and the Cloud


Education and the Cloud

As cloud computing continues to grow within the State and Local Government industry, it has become increasingly popularized in the Education industry.

AWS started an initiative called AWS Educate to provide students and educators with the training and resources needed for cloud-related learning. Cloud computing skills are in high demand throughout the state of Texas, especially as an increasing number of state and local government agencies are embarking on migrating to the cloud. It has been a slow process for the government to migrate to the cloud, but the education sector is ahead of the process. This is due to high demand for the students, teachers, faculty, staff, and parents needing access to critical information using any devices from anywhere. Educators can benefit by migrating to the cloud: it’s cost efficient, offers stable data storage, development and test environments, easier collaboration for users, enhanced security without add-on applications, simple application hosting, minimizes resource costs, and fast implementation and time-to-value.

With all the capabilities of Cloud environments, the Education industry still has a long way to go. There are certain school districts and even Higher Education institutions, that do not have the amount of access as some of their counterparts. Cloud vendors could make a difference and solidify cloud adoption by offering Cloud education to urban neighborhood schools with laptops, computers, and access to training and certifications. As a start, the three major Cloud providers offer cloud education assistance to students:

When it comes to the rapid advancement in the IT industry, I encourage other young minorities, including my daughter, to pursue a career in the technology industry. Children are the future and Cloud platforms will be the leading solution across all markets.

We offer a bundled package for new users which includes an assessment of their current infrastructure which can be beneficial to any Higher Education Institution or K-12 organization. We can build the future together and keep rising to greater heights!

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