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AWS EC2 for Microsoft

Migrate and modernize your Windows-based solutions

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Seamless Microsoft Migrations

We help you migrate complex Microsoft workloads to AWS for greater scalability, improved performance, and increased reliability. Our team of expert developers builds, deploys, and supports Microsoft applications in the AWS Cloud using EC2 and RDS best practices for storing, securing, and managing your solutions.

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Flexible, Rapid Microsoft Development & Deployment

With Microsoft Server EC2s, you can scale capacity up or down in response to changing requirements and traffic bursts and launch as few or many virtual servers as you need simultaneously. This flexibility supports rapid agile development complemented by the reliability and cost efficiencies of the AWS infrastructure.


AWS EC2 for Microsoft

We leverage the Well-Architected Framework to migrate your Microsoft-based applications using AWS-managed services such as .NET, IIS, Amazon RDS for SQL Server, AWS Directory Service, Beanstalk and more.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Lift and shift, refactor or re-platform your Microsoft applications

Reduced Costs

Take advantage of unique pricing models and flexible licensing options

Increased Reliability

Access highly available global infrastructure for running your applications

Better Performance

SQL Server on AWS is easy to set up, operate and scale

Security Control and Visibility

Utilize key features and services to ensure compliance and data protection

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Unlock the transformative potential of the cloud

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