Mobile & Web Applications

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Mobile & Web Applications

Build secure, scalable solutions that drive growth and engage users

Partner with us to ideate, design, and develop high-performing Android and iOS applications to meet your business goals and objectives.

A full product life cycle approach

In discovery, we help you identify objectives, revenue models, target audiences, as well as evaluate app usability. Once your app launches, we can provide ongoing monitoring, management, and optimization to keep it performing reliably and cost-effectively.

Proven Results and Methodologies

We apply proven off the shelf solutions and AWS services for all app development based on their proven efficacy and value. This accelerates the development cycle so we can focus on lowering your costs, addressing specific business workflow requirements, and building desired features.

Security & Compliance

Whether building a new app from scratch or refactoring an existing app to eliminate security gaps, we help you manage your data securely and in compliance with regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR.

Best Practices

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we follow Well-Architected best practices for building a secure, scalable app that meets your business needs with the documentation needed to maintain and improve it over time.

User Experience (UI/UX) Research

In ideation and discovery, our design experts guide you through persona definition and user stories to deliver a personalized, optimized customer experienceand ensure valuable insights are integrated into your final product.


We’ve seen apps rapidly scale to millions of users and know how to architect your environment to perform reliably at any level with AWS services such as AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB.

Microservices Architecture

We ensure your app can scale cost-effectively and securely by separating out workflows with a microservices approach, overcoming the disadvantages of traditional monolithic architectures.

Cross Platform

We leverage the lowest cost, most maintainable options available for web and mobile platforms, creating native apps with intuitive user interfaces that drive customer engagement.

AWS Amplify Framework

AWS Amplify speeds time to market with the ability to develop and configure backends in minutes, and build custom login experiences, real-time applications, targeted campaigns, and more.


We test to identify and fix bugs early, including unit, UI, performance, end-to-end, pre-production, and post-production testing.

Our app development experience includes:

  • Internal (business operations, ERP, timesheets, payroll, HR, project management, organizational efficiencies, work order management)
  • B2B (communications platforms, supply chain management, purchasing)
  • B2C (retail, customer loyalty, education, travel)

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