Modernization Services

Modernization Services

Comprehensive professional and managed services designed for every stage of your cloud journey

In today’s evolving technology landscape, developing and maintaining a modern digital strategy requires both cloud expertise and business savvy.

For many organizations, the journey to the cloud is fraught with challenges, including legacy applications, monolithic architecture, security vulnerabilities, lack of internal IT resources, inadequate or nonexistent cloud governance practices, changing business requirements, strict regulatory requirements, and more.

Experience and Expertise

As thought leaders, we have deep expertise designing, migrating, optimizing, securing, and managing modern cloud environments for public and private sector organizations.

Our Modernization EngineersTM are some of the most highly skilled technologists in the industry and proven experts at finding practical solutions to complex technical challenges.

Together, we partner with you to ensure a successful path to modernization.

Security first modernization services for every stage of the IT lifecycle

Our end-to-end portfolio of services is designed to guide you throughout your modernization journey, built on security best practices and leading edge AWS innovation.

App Modernization

Whether you’re ideating a new app, developing a greenfield project, or looking to modernize existing applications to take advantage of the AWS Cloud, we can help you design, develop, and architect high performing, scalable solutions to propel your business success.

This includes strategy, ideation, migration, and modernization following best practices of the Well-Architected Framework using today’s most advanced AWS cloud services.

Strategy & Ideation

Working with both public and private sector organizations, we have assessed thousands of workloads to help customers with their strategic modernization initiatives.

Whether you are looking to start a journey to the cloud or further embrace the benefits of AWS, we begin every engagement with an assessment of your current IT estate. This is essential to developing a comprehensive migration strategy that meets your security, compliance, and budget requirements.

We also offer expertise in ideation, helping you generate new creative solutions and uncover revenue opportunities through a human centered, collaborative process based on design thinking principles.

Migration & Modernization

Monolithic architectures and outdated development practices can hinder your ability to grow and change with the pace of modern business. Partner with us to transition to a modern development approach that aligns security policies, elastic cloud resources, containers, and microservices to your business objectives.

Beyond the implementation of best practice cloud architecture, we employ automation and DevOps tools such as continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and infrastructure as code to speed the release of applications.

Modern Cloud Management

The highly competitive market for cloud architecture, management, and security professionals frequently leaves businesses without the in-house resources to effectively migrate, optimize, or protect their cloud infrastructure. As a result, many organizations find it challenging to develop and maintain a comprehensive and modern digital strategy.

With our guidance on proper cloud governance, your organization can adopt the necessary security policies, operational processes, and management tools required to reduce risk, ensure reliable reporting, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.


Our Optimization services focus on providing advanced metrics and analytics for comprehensive insight into your resources and real-time budget tracking.

We also ensure that your public cloud utilization, capacity, and costs are properly allocated to applications, regions, business units, or any other group in accordance with your cloud governance requirements.

Ready to begin your Modernization Journey?

A beautiful, colorful sunset of pinks and aqua blues color the sky over a typical American subdivision on a hillside in Spokane, Washington

Tricon American Homes

IT modernization helps industry leader keep pace with accelerated growth

As the fourth largest single-family rental company in the US, Tricon had more than doubled its home portfolio in the last several years. The rapid expansion increased the need to formalize and streamline its processes, reduce costs, and optimize operational efficiencies. By partnering with Effectual, Tricon was able to develop scalable solutions for managing, servicing, and maintaining homes as well as a responsive communication platform for delivering a high-touch, seamless experience to its residents.