Next Generation MSP: Evaluation

MSP: Eval

Next Generation MSP: Evaluation

Cloud-based Managed Service Providers (MSP) changed the Managed Services landscape as we know it.

Unlike traditional on-premise-based MSPs, a cloud MSP offers an unmatched level of efficiency, scalability, and potential for innovation. This improves an organization’s operations significantly. Through the optimization of processes, automation of routine tasks, monitoring of vital components, and integration of simpler workflows, resources can be free to focus on what is most important for the organization.

Our focus with MSP is around a structured, repeatable, five-step MSP process

  1. Evaluation
  2. Automation
  3. Optimization
  4. Monitoring
  5. Integration

This blog is the first in a five-part series related to our delivery of Next Generation MSP (NG-MSP).

To get an agency or organization started with Effectual’s MSP program, it is essential for a proper evaluation; specifically, an assessment of the security and network environments and general cloud readiness. Assessing these areas before any MSP activities commence helps identify potential security vulnerabilities and network performance issues. It promotes the validation of existing technology, people, and processes while establishing a well-defined reference point.

Our evaluation focuses on the following

  • Identify apps to move
  • Develop project schedule
  • Refine budget / cost optimization
  • Project kickoff

MSP models cannot be a one-size fits all proposition. Automating as much as possible within an environment will help offload some of that ongoing MSP administration, allowing those outlier components unique to different organizations to be a focus of the Effectual team.

We stand ready to support your organizations’ cloud environment with our MSP services. To discuss options, please reach out to

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