Gain intelligence around cloud spend and right-size your solutions for the cloud

Optimizing your data and business applications requires the expert guidance of a Modernization Services Provider.

Our Modernization EngineersTM are uniquely skilled at combining modern technologies like containers, serverless, AI/ML, infrastructure as code, DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, and automation with elastic compute and cloud storage resources.

From years of experience, we know that your internal stakeholders need simple, transparent and actionable analytics that enable accountable cloud governance.

Optimization Services can help you:

  • Improve reliability and performance
  • Operate more securely
  • Optimize costs
  • Focus on core competencies

ERP Disaster Recovery Solution AWS

A longtime leader in golf equipment and apparel needed to find an alternative disaster recovery solution for a new ERP system.

Work with us to improve your cloud resources and correct out of control public cloud invoices.

Active Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Advanced metrics and analytics for comprehensive insight into your resources and real-time budget tracking
  • Proper allocation of your public cloud utilization, capacity and cost to applications, regions, business units or any other group in accordance with your cloud governance requirements

Savings Simplified

  • Purchase and management of reserved instances and AWS Savings Plans
  • Conversion of current cloud spend into savings

Well-Architected Reviews

  • Identification of under-utilized infrastructure, security vulnerabilities, and compliance weaknesses
  • Actionable steps for remediation with prescriptive guidance for improving the security, reliability, performance, cost, and operational excellence of your AWS environment