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Application Development and Containerization



Application container solutions built for the AWS cloud

Strategic Partnership with Portworx for Application Modernization and Containerization

Effectual partnered with Portworx to help customers architect, build, and manage applications using Portworx for application modernization and containerization. Application containerization allows customers to adopt modern development processes by facilitating continuous deployment testing, cloud orchestration, workload mobility, and scalability.


Effectual is your ideal partner for application modernization and containerization using Portworx.

Cloud Enablement and Adoption

Modernize and containerize applications for the cloud. Effectual engineers conduct in-depth application assessments to create cloud migration plans and cloud infrastructure automation strategies aligned with customer requirements. Confidently adopt and integrate Portworx into your IT operations to gain improved data management, availability, and scalability.

Cloud Implementation

Prepare and execute Portworx implementations with expert assistance from Effectual. Our team provides the resources to execute application containerization initiatives, from initial platform implementations to ensuring high-priority applications and workloads are successfully running on Portworx, Effectual engages as long as needed to execute successful implementations.

Cloud Optimization

Effectual has the experience, expertise, and processes to maximize each customer’s investment in Portworx. We engage with customers to identify candidate applications, containerize them, and then execute migrations to the Portworx platform. With Effectual, customers can remain steady on their modernization journey, unlocking the full benefits of Portworx and the cloud.

Portworx by Pure Storage


Strategic Partner for Application Containers

Cloud Strategy and Design

Container Adoption Strategy

Effectual can assess your current cloud infrastructure to identify optimization opportunities, or provide cloud security and compliance assessments to ensure cloud-based applications, workloads, and storage solutions are secure and compliant. With Effectual, customers can truly embrace the cloud and adopt modern tools.

Effectual Strategy & Design Services
Cloud Migration and Modernization Services

Application Migrations

Our engineers have the expertise to help customers safely and securely migrate their applications and data to the cloud while minimizing impacts to normal operations. We can also provide specialized assistance to help Portworx customers migrate their storage and data management workloads to the cloud.

Effectual Migration Services
Application Modernization and Development

Application Modernization and DevOps

Developing or modernizing applications for the cloud will help them deliver the performance, scalability, and availability to support innovation and long-term growth. Effectual can help modernize workloads and implement DevOps practices to automate secure, standardized deployments and automate common tasks using Portworx.

Effectual AppDev and Modernization Services

Modern Cloud Management

Modern Cloud Management (MCM) is Effectual’s cloud-focused approach to managed services. With MCM, customers get ongoing support, management, and monitoring of storage and data management workloads, and Portworx solutions can be leveraged for information capture, extraction, and reporting.

Effectual Modern Cloud Management

Accelerating Business Outcomes with Effectual and Portworx

Digital Modernization, Transformation, and Cloud Migration

Customer Outcomes

Effectual Modernization EngineersTM have the experience and expertise to help customers modernize their applications and architecture by adopting Portworx containerization solutions to drive positive outcomes.

  • Accelerated CI/CD development
  • DevOps Training and Services
  • Containerization best practices
  • Cloud readiness, strategy and migrations
  • Architecting and managing AWS environment
  • Performance optimization
  • Cost optimization

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