Real-time logging of Tsunami Data Aids in Disaster Response

Tsunami Data

Real-time logging of Tsunami Data Aids in Disaster Response

Effectual worked with a federal government customer to provide information for local land-use and emergency response planning to avoid development in hazardous zones and to plan evacuation routes to communities along low-lying coastlines vulnerable to tsunamis.

The Challenge

The customer looked to our team to quickly and effectively move their public-facing web applications and internal applications to the AWS cloud to ensure resiliency, availability, and real time logging of tsunamis.

The Solution

We implemented a solution comprised of Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Alarms, and Serverless Storage. This ensured the clients ability to collect data to help scientists understand tsunamis through their application to develop how to most effectively improve preparedness and response to tsunamis.

The Benefits

We implemented Amazon CloudWatch to schedule data collection that self-triggers when a tsunami is detected.

By implementing AWS CloudTrail the client was able to easily access tsunami data to help scientists understand the sources of local tsunamis so that the impacts of future events may be mitigated.

Real Time Logging
Our team set up serverless storage to collect data from these seismic networks to process key components in the impact of tsunamis.