Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Application Migration

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Application Migration

When flooding took out the New York data center of the national nonprofit, SEIU, the organization found a need to act on a move to the AWS cloud.

Through third-party and cloud-native tools, we provided the infrastructure, resources, and products necessary to efficiently migrate workloads.


The national nonprofit serves branches of the organization with centralized IT based out of its New York offices. When NYC was hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, it led to flooding of the organization’s data center, housed in the basement of the building. The resulting outage took a week to recover from. The nonprofit needed a cloud-based backup solution to ensure that it could be prepared against future disasters.


We began with an assessment of the organization’s data center posture, then created a migration plan and proposed architecture to support the nonprofit moving forward in AWS. We configured VPCs, subnets, networking, and configured access policies. We also connected a third-party disaster recovery service to ensure consistent synching of information between on-premises and cloud servers.

The Benefits

Piece of Mind

After going without its critical IT infrastructure for a week, the nonprofit had confidence its cloud infrastructure would be highly available.

Data Replication

The AWS infrastructure included VPN connectivity to the on-premises network in order to replicate Active Directory and SQL databases to ensure ongoing operations.

VPN Tunneling

In addition to an initial VPN connection, our team configured remote VPN connectivity from field offices in seven east coast cities to ensure all users could access the environment in the event of a failure.