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Serverless AWS Lambda Development

Increase agility and lower costs without servers

AWS Lambda

We use AWS Lambda to build serverless applications and backends with continuous scalability and cost flexibility.

Responding to public or private triggers, running code in parallel and individually processing events enables your application to scale exactly with your workload needs. You pay only when your code is running, keeping software development costs low even as you test and add functionality to your product.

AWS Lambda’s serverless architecture also allows you to implement microservices, eliminating the need to manage servers and reducing the administrative burden of code monitoring and logging.

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AWS Lambda Features

We deploy the AWS Lambda serverless platform to deliver reliable, secure, scalable solutions for fast, efficient delivery at reasonable costs.

This provides powerful microservice architectures to enable rapid agile development, improve security and compliance, and support data and analytics.

Bring Your Own Code

No new languages, tools, or frameworks to learn. Use any third-party or AWS native library.

Improve Performance

Achieve consistent performance for latency-sensitive applications without changing your code or managing compute resources.

Automatic Scaling

Run your code within milliseconds of an event and automatically scale to support the rate of incoming requests.

Trust and Integrity Controls

Code Signing verifies that only unaltered code published by approved developers is deployed in your Lambda functions.

Pay Per Use Billing

Only get charged while your code is running – no instance or server charges.

Integrated Security Model

Full integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure secure code access to other AWS services.

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