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Effectual Acquires Five Talent – Strengthening DevOps and Cloud Native Application Development Services

Modern IT Lifecycle Management Services

Effectual has deep expertise in designing, migrating, optimizing, securing, and managing modern cloud environments for public and private sector organizations.

Many organizations face significant challenges in managing their cloud resources.

Inadequate or nonexistent cloud governance practices result in individuals, teams, and departments launching rogue cloud services. While often done with good intentions, these cloud resources can unintentionally go unmonitored and present significant gaps in security, compliance, and cost considerations.

Your Pathway to Successful Cloud Modernization

Effectual’s team of Modernization EngineersTM possess in-depth knowledge of cloud and traditional IT environments. We partner with our clients to solve business challenges and help organizations develop a comprehensive IT strategy.

  • Strategy and Assessment

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    Working with both public and private sector organizations, our team has assessed thousands of workloads to help our customers with their strategic modernization initiatives. Whether you are looking to start a to journey to the cloud or further embrace the benefits of AWS, an independent assessment of your current IT estate is essential to provide a comprehensive migration strategy that meets security, compliance, and budget requirements.

  • Migration and Modernization

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    Many organizations are still using monolithic architectures and outdated development practices that hinder their ability to grow and change with the pace of modern business. Effectual helps businesses transition to modern development practices by aligning security policies, elastic cloud resources, containers, and microservices to meet business objectives.

    Beyond the implementation of best practice cloud architecture, Effectual employs automation and DevOps tools including continuous integration and delivery, and infrastructure as code to speed the release of applications.

  • Modern Cloud Management

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    The highly competitive market for cloud architecture, management, and security skills frequently leaves businesses without the appropriate in-house resources to effectively migrate, optimize, or protect their cloud infrastructure. As a result, many organizations find it challenging to develop and maintain a comprehensive and modern digital strategy.

    Without the necessary security policies, operational processes, and management tools for proper cloud governance, businesses are increasing their exposure to business risk and leaving themselves open to uncontrolled cloud sprawl, fragmented reporting, and unreliable metrics. Organizations with regulatory compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP, FISMA) are at an even greater risk without the proper guardrails and best practice architectures in place.

  • Optimization

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    Our Optimization services provides advanced metrics and analytics to gain comprehensive insight into your resources and real-time budget tracking. We can also assist with ensuring that your public cloud utilization, capacity and cost are properly allocated to applications, regions, business units or any other group in accordance with your cloud governance requirements.

We are thought leaders with the right experience to help you navigate the evolving technology landscape.

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