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As companies execute on their digital transformation to the cloud, they are often surprised to see costs rising, not falling.

Scalability and cost savings are frequently cited as drivers for cloud adoption. With your focus on the technical aspect of digital transformation, cost management and optimization may not get the attention it needs; until that first invoice arrives…

35% of Cloud Spend goes to waste

RightScale's 2018 State of the Cloud Report identified the optimization of existing cloud use as the top cloud initiative for the 2nd year in a row. This study also found that 35% of cloud spend is wasted.

Ensuring accountability, transparency and efficiency with our cloud financial management and cost optimization services. Your internal stakeholders will have clear, easy to understand and actionable analytics that will enable truly effective cloud governance.

Our Cloud Cost Optimization service is geared toward correcting out of control invoices and providing intelligence around your cloud spend. Utilizing advanced metrics and analytics, we gain comprehensive insight into your resources as well as real-time budget tracking. We can also assist with ensuring that your utilization, capacity and cost are properly allocated to applications, regions, business units or any other group in accordance with your cloud governance requirements. Utilizing our cost optimization services can be a game-changing accelerator for your business and for your bottom line.

A Tale of Two Models: Provisioning vs. Capacity (4 of 7)

In this post, I want to expand on that concept and share one of the planning models that make cloud systems in particular and automated infrastructure in general more cost effective and efficient. When talking to clients I refer to this as “The Provisioning vs. Capacity Model”.

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