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Realizing the true value of cloud requires a holistic strategy that enables digital transformation.

How can you use cloud to transform your business? What is the best strategy to implement this transformation in your organization? What metrics should your organization be using to measure success? The answers to these questions are unique to each organization’s goals. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of what exists and what lies ahead is an essential step to realizing a modernized infrastructure.

31% lack the right skill set to manage and derive the maximum value from cloud investments

According to the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing Executive Summary 31% of organizations are lacking the proper skills needed to effectively take advantage of what they are already spending on cloud deployments.

We look at your infrastructure and your application stacks, validating suitability for the cloud, then reviewing deployment and operational strategies.

We incorporate the strategies of orchestration, team organization and cloud platform awareness. Our experts will walk you and your teams through a series of questions and their answers, tailored specifically for your business:

  • How will you determine if metrics are being gathered and translated correctly?
  • Can you rapidly scale in times of increased demand, or scale back in times of lower demand?
  • How will you know if unused instances are online, or who is deploying what instances and why?
  • Are regulated instances secure?

We will also look at your business, how it makes use of existing applications and infrastructure, what your internal and external clients require and how cloud technologies can make delivery of those services more efficient. This will include addressing architectural strategies to support high availability and data security.

Cloud, All In or All Out? (3 of 7)

I recently spoke with a good friend of mine who is a Finance SVP with a publicly traded North American manufacturer.

With an experienced and outcome-oriented team, we are true experts at Cloud Enablement.

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effectual provides unique “insider” expertise and experience to help businesses solve complex technology challenges. effectual’s team of elite technology leaders has deep expertise in architecting, migrating, managing and securing public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. We offer comprehensive cloud, compliance, security, governance, automation, and DevOps solutions.

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