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With an experienced and outcome-oriented team, we are true experts at Cloud Migration

Using proven tools, best practices and AWS’ Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), our experts collaborate with customers to conduct workload architecture assessments, develop testable deployment blueprints, and configure security & automation capabilities to accelerate deployments.

What is the best migration path for me? Lift and Shift (Rehost), Replatform, or Refactor?

Each path has its own benefits and pitfalls. Walking through a proper assessment for your organization will help ensure the right decisions are made before you start down any of these paths.

Our team has migrated hundreds of businesses ranging from latency sensitive trading platforms to enterprise-scale PCI compliant retailers.

Whether you want a clear, well-defined plan to follow or you want hands on assistance with your cloud migration our team is there for you; simplifying complexities, aligning resources to business outcomes and managing to budget expectations.

Revolution, not Evolution (2 of 7)

21st Century IT is a revolution – not an evolution of what we have been doing for decades. The skills required to transform through this revolution are different than those required to operate the existing state, which are different still from those required to operate the new state.

With an experienced and outcome-oriented team, we are true experts at Cloud Migration

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effectual provides unique “insider” expertise and experience to help businesses solve complex technology challenges. effectual’s team of elite technology leaders has deep expertise in architecting, migrating, managing and securing public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. We offer comprehensive cloud, compliance, security, governance, automation, and DevOps solutions.

Partner with us as an extension of your internal resources. Let’s work together to transform your business.

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