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    Our first step is to assess and document business requirements & project justification, existing applications & infrastructure, desired future state, and ultimate outcomes.

    This is when our team outlines all business requirements, examines existing applications and infrastructure, and begins to imagine the desired future-state of the project. We dig deep into the problem, get to know our customers closely, and together, define the ultimate outcome.

    Typical Deliverables

    "As-Built" documentation
    Data-flow diagrams
    Network diagrams

    Typical Duration

    2 to 4 weeks
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    Collaborating with client engineering teams we produce actionable, future-state architecture diagrams and project plans.

    Having assessed our customer's existing infrastructure and understood their business goals, we produce future-state architecture diagrams, evaluate, and select technologies and vendors, and outline a transition methodology. We collaborate with our customers to create a project plan, making sure that all stakeholders are aligned on timeline, milestones, and the rest of our proposed process.

    Typical Deliverables

    Final-state architecture
    Vendors and technologies documentation
    Sample POC/code

    Typical Duration

    3 to 6 weeks
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    An agile process, Architecture work will continue through this phase as individual elements are addressed and built.

    When the time comes to execute, we never fall short. Our experienced and involved team delivers the plans developed during the Architect phase. In a typically agile fashion, we enter this phase while Architecture work is still ongoing - we don't wait around if there are elements we can start to build.

    Typical Deliverables

    Fully-functional and supportable solution that meets the business requirements identified in the Assessment phase.

    Typical Duration

    Varies based on project scope.
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    Providing documentation, guidance and training where appropriate, we transition the ongoing support of the newly deployed architectures to support teams.

    We don't simply build our solution and disappear. We provide clear and understandable documentation, guidance, and training to make support seamless. Our work is not complete until our customer is fully familiar and comfortable with the maintenance of their newly deployed architecture.

    Typical Deliverables

    Support documentation
    Guidance and training

    Typical Duration

    1 to 2 weeks

Our approach yields results.

We are experienced industry veterans and innovators focused on successful outcomes. Because that’s what it’s all about — outcomes. Outcomes that solve your business challenges and enable you to transform, innovate, and scale.

Partner with us as an extension of your internal resources. Let’s work together to transform your business.

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