Strategy & Design

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Strategy & Design

Create and execute a modernization strategy designed for innovation and growth

The Importance of Getting it Right

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or developing new cloud-native applications that need to deploy fast and scale quickly, you’ll need a smart modernization strategy to minimize risk and establish the foundation for your business transformation.

Our Modernization EngineersTM are cloud fluent, AWS certified experts who know how to find practical solutions to tough technical challenges based on decades of experience designing, migrating, and managing cloud environments.

AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Competency Badges


The first step to mapping your path to modernization is assessment. Using a standardized methodology and following best practices, our team of Modernization Engineers™ analyzes your on-premises and AWS workloads to understand existing risks and potential roadblocks.

  • Business Goals & Requirements
  • Cloud Infrastructure Assessment
  • Migration Assessments
  • Compliance Controls Evaluation (PCI, HIPPA, FedRAMP, FISMA)
  • Security Posture Analysis
  • TCO Analysis

Strategic Planning

Once we understand your technical landscape and business goals, we identify opportunities for improving security, unlocking the value of your data, optimizing costs, increasing efficiencies, and implementing cloud native technologies, including:

  • Aligning cloud resources to address specific business challenges
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Actionable steps for remediation
  • Prescriptive guidance to support modernization
  • Data governance

Designing Cloud Native Applications for the Future

If you’re developing a Greenfield project or looking to modernize your existing applications, work with our AWS certified Modernization EngineersTM to design solutions that engage your customers and propel market success.

Starting with in-depth Application Design Services, our team designs modern web and mobile cloud native application blueprints using today’s most advanced tools and services – optimized for the AWS Cloud for rapid scalability, security, reliability, and performance.

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Creation of Solution Design Specs

  • Scope
  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX Design
  • User Stories
  • Facilitator-led discovery workshops
  • Architecture Diagrams
  • Cost Breakdown

New Product & Service Brainstorming

  • Mobile
  • IoT
  • SaaS
  • AI-Enablement

We apply lean and agile design processes to iterate quickly and validate our UX assumptions


Empathize Understand your customers’ thoughts, feelings, values, and expectations


Identify key pain points and problems to solve


Explore and brainstorm ideas from diverse perspectives and touchpoints


Build rapid Proofs of Concept to validate technical feasibility, test assumptions, and collect customer feedback

Define & Repeat

Iterate a continuous feedback cycle until your solution is ready for development

Application Architecture

Generate new creative solutions and uncover opportunities for innovation with the AWS Cloud

What’s your Modernization Strategy?

A Comprehensive Portfolio of End-to-End Modernization Services