Strategy and Ideation

Strategy and Ideation

Uncover opportunities and develop modern IT strategies for cloud innovation

The Importance of Getting it Right

Evaluate your current IT estate and develop a modernization strategy that supports your vision and goals.


Whether you’re beginning your journey to the cloud or looking to further leverage the benefits of AWS innovation, the first step to mapping your path to modernization is assessment.

Using a standardized methodology and following best practices, our team of Modernization Engineers™ analyzes your on-premises and AWS workloads to understand existing risks and potential roadblocks.

  • Cloud Readiness
  • Well-Architected Review
  • Comprehensive Solution Architecture
  • Compliance (PCI, HIPPA, FedRAMP, FISMA)
  • Security Posture
  • Cloud Center of Excellence Planning
  • TCO Analysis

Strategic Planning

Once we have an informed understanding of your existing operations, we partner with you to identify opportunities for improving security, optimizing costs, increasing efficiencies, and implementing cloud native solutions.

This includes aligning cloud resources to address your specific business challenges as well as strategic recommendations, actionable steps for remediation, and prescriptive guidance to support your journey to modernization.

Empowered with a well-developed modern IT strategy, you can take full advantage of the performance, security, resilience, scalability, and cost efficiencies of AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS environments.

Unlocking Your Creative Superpowers

Improve customer experience, uncover new product potential, and capture new revenue opportunities.

Focused on specific use cases and workloads, ideation is a collaborative process for generating creative solutions.

As senior strategists, we guide teams through a design thinking process with a human-centered approach to empathizing with customers, brainstorming ideas, testing concepts, and iterating solutions for customer-facing initiatives or internal business processes. This builds a critical foundation for UX discovery, which expands into user centered research, stakeholder interviews, and gathering quantitative and qualitative insights.

Ideation Services

  • Brainstorm facilitation
  • Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Proof of Concept
  • User Experience Research

Our interactive sessions — conducted on-premises or remotely — engage diverse perspectives and insights to problem solve your toughest challenges. By observing and listening to customers and end users, we can unpack assumptions, explore unique ideas, experiment with new methods, and build powerful business cases for fueling your innovation engine.


Understand your customers’ thoughts, feelings, values, and expectations


Identify key pain points and problems to solve


Explore and brainstorm ideas from diverse perspectives and touchpoints


Build rapid Proofs of Concept to validate technical feasibility, test assumptions, and collect customer feedback

Refine & Repeat

Iterate a continuous feedback cycle until your solution is ready for development

Ready to begin your Modernization Journey?

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