Verdant Web Technologies: DevOps & AWS tools improve scalability, profitability, and customer experience


Verdant Web Technologies: DevOps & AWS tools improve scalability, profitability, and customer experience

Verdant offers management software solutions to track, access, and update facility Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance and sampling information. With a growing customer base and a maturing product, the company was starting to encounter big DevOps and infrastructure challenges that threatened to slow its market momentum.

Verdant’s migration of thought and concept demanded a far more scalable model. To the Effectual team, it was clear that the AWS platform could help them pivot and evolve.

Standardized architecture improves DevOps

Verdant’s primary pain point was architecture. With six different code bases unique to each client, the company updated code changes manually, published them out to 10+ web servers, and ran its SQL scripts on multiple databases. The process was overwhelming their team, impacting scalability, and preventing them from writing new features. The company’s IP also lived with a single developer, creating some vulnerability. Our team immediately got to work rewriting the company’s software with multi-tenant support, allowing different organizations to manage their data separately but with a standardized code base.


  • Streamlined DevOps by automating the deployment/development process with a build server and rapid deployment tools
  • Created a faster, more reliable migration to the AWS Cloud
  • Leveraged AWS for greater security and global redundancies to safeguard against potential downtimes
  • IP knowledge is now shared broadly by Verdant’s entire team so the company is no longer reliant on one person to protect its IP
  • The ability to scale rapidly to meet customer demand

“Effectual has been an amazing partner in the development of our enterprise platform which is now our life blood. Along with their responsiveness, solution engineering depth and capabilities we appreciate their tight management of project budgets and schedules. Effectual is a valued resource and critical part of the Verdant Team!”  
– Ron Petti / President, Verdant Web Technologies

Eliminating hardware lowers cost of customer acquisition

Before deploying AWS, it took Verdant weeks to onboard new clients with a process that required significant hardware investments. Infrastructure was a fixed asset regardless of the number of clients. Our solutions turned infrastructure into an operating cost and eliminated hardware altogether.


  • Reduced new client onboarding from 2 weeks to 1 hour
  • Eliminated need for costly hardware
  • Decreased customer acquisition costs

Scalable solution allows for fast response to market demand

For Verdant, the timing for the project couldn’t have been better. Shortly after its completion, the company’s client base exploded overnight when schools around the US were compelled to perform extensive drinking water testing in reaction to the national crises in Flint Michigan. The revelation resulted in stricter reporting requirements and EH&S monitoring across Oregon, driving sudden intense demand for Verdant’s software solutions. With Effectual’s help, the company was well positioned to capitalize on incoming project opportunities, which resulted in a national award (with Environmental Business Journal).


  • AWS solutions such as Elastic Beanstalk support continuous development and innovation and help Effectual manage multiple application environments for the development/testing/release cycle
  • Increased customer satisfaction with ability to quickly add new functionalities